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Introducing the Ultimate Match Goalkeeper Gloves by VOS GK

VOS 1.1 Match

Crafted with meticulous precision, these gloves are engineered to elevate your skills and bring you closer to the ball like never before.

Our strapped glove features a V-cut away wrist design, ensuring effortless entry and a snug fit. The glove is equipped with an elastic strap adorned with our signature silicone design, providing both style and functionality. Experience unmatched comfort and convenience with our cutting-edge strapped glove.

🧤 **Profi Contact Latex:** Experience unparalleled ball control and sensitivity with our 3mm Profi Contact Latex. We've intentionally kept it thinner to provide an extraordinary feel for the ball

🤝 **Snug Fit, No Gussets:** Say goodbye to unnecessary bulk. Our innovative no-gusset design offers a snug fit that wraps around your fingers like a second skin. This precise fit enhances your grip and control over the gloves, translating to confidence on Game Day.

👍 **Twisted Thumb for Uninterrupted Latex Contact:** Every movement matters. Our slightly twisted thumb design ensures that the latex is always in contact with the ball, maintaining a consistent grip and preventing slips in critical moments.

🔮 **Distinctive V Logo Backhand:** Stand out with a mesmerizing backhand covered in interwoven small V logos. The central bigger V logo adds a touch of class to your game, making a statement that you're ready for victory.

🏄‍♂️ **Neoprene Backhand:** Elevate your experience with the 1.1 version's neoprene backhand, offering a perfect blend of flexibility and durability for peak performance.

Step onto the pitch with confidence, knowing that you're equipped with gloves designed to amplify your skills. Elevate your performance and let your game do the talking.

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