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Kids VOS Match 2.0 Volt Strapped

Kids VOS Match 2.0 Volt Strapped

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 Introducing the new - VOS Match 2.0 Volt Goalkeeper Gloves

• 3mm Pro Contact Latex
• ⁠Rolled (just enough) Thumb (positively stitched)
• ⁠Rolled (just enough) Index Finger
• ⁠Rolled (just enough) Pinky Finger
• ⁠Ultra Lightweight Mesh Backhand
• ⁠Double stitched at wrist on extended palm
• ⁠Small Cut away between Thumb & Index Finger
• ⁠Embossed logo

Our strapped glove features a V-cut away wrist design, ensuring effortless entry and a snug fit. The glove is equipped with an elastic strap adorned with our signature silicone design, providing both style and functionality. Experience unmatched comfort and convenience with our cutting-edge strapped glove.

*The closest fitting glove:*
Experience the ultimate in comfort with a glove that feels as close to a second skin as possible. The extremely lightweight, strapless VOS Match 2.0 leaves little to no excess material on the backhand, offering a sleek fit that moves seamlessly with your hand.

*Enhanced Latex Cut:*
Our signature VOS latex cut is now better than ever. With a slightly rolled (just enough) thumb, first and pinky finger along with strategic cuts between the thumb and first finger, these gloves guarantee maximum ball contact and unparalleled freedom of movement.

*Unmatched Comfort and Control:*
Feel the difference with an extended palm and double stitching, providing durability and a secure grip in all conditions. The lightweight construction ensures you stay quick on your feet, ready to react at a moment’s notice.

*Sleek New Aesthetics:*
Make a statement with the new 3D embossed main logo and a backhand design featuring tapering ‘v’ logos that flow towards the fingertips. This stylish detail not only looks fantastic but ensures no compromise on function where it matters most.


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